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Affitti a Cremona


Apartments to rent in Cremona, Italy - About Us

Filcasa - real estate construction and restructuring

Filcasa is a company founded in 1971 by Sestilio Paletti, which since 1963 was one of the first, along with Gabetti, Luce and a few others, to promote the business of real estate division, which involves the purchase of entire buildings and then be sold in single units.

The group in subsequent years has also extended the concept of splitting the brownfield sites, obtaining small units, then sold individually. Some examples are: establishment formerly Eridania (Sesto San Giovanni, 300.000 square meters, 1970); Oleoblitz (Milan, 1980), Via Forcella (today Superstudio, Milan 1980), Via Baroni (Milan, 25.000 square meters, 1986); metallurgical Broggi Falck (Milan - Bovisa, 50.000 square meters, 1982).

In the early 90's Filcasa broadens its horizons, beginning to acquire substantial property portfolios by major banking companies, insurance companies and industrial and expanding its reach throughout the country and in some foreign countries. Other significant transactions include: Cariparma (64 buildings between Piacenza and Parma); Fondiaria (10.000 square meters), Axa (5 entire buildings for a total of 30.000 square meters), Ras (25 properties from Gorizia to Catania) Falck (600 apartments).

In the last decade to meet the needs of a changing market, Filcasa sets new and ambitious goals: supports the activities of splitting to construction (20 projects of which 12 completed and 8 under study and implementation). Filcasa creates partnerships with major industry groups (Greenway, Real Estate Verdenuovo) for the development of new prestigious real estate projects (Fiera Milano project, Il Sole 24 Ore, Praia de Muriù). Expands its area of operation to new and emerging international markets (Brazil, Bulgaria, Romania). Filcasa diversifies its investments in other sectors: industry (Vega), hotels (Mirage Group) and retail (shopping center).

The determination of the founder and president of the company, Sestilio Paletti, is also present in three sons, who encourage the development of new horizons.

Filcasa was and is a witness to the continued growth of the property value over time. The transactions carried out by Filcasa in the last 35 years show an impressive return on real estate investment. Just think that in 1971 Filcasa sold a property at 130.000 £/sq.m. in Piazza Tricolore (the equivalent of 65 € / sq.m.), while today the same property on the market has reached the value of 10.000 € / sq.m.

The company history can be summarized in a number more: than 10.000 apartments sold from 1971 to present testimony to the confidence of thousands of people and the strength of a group that is always growing. Thanks also to the professionalism and competence of the team that makes up society, we are always sure to offer you a product and a high quality service.

Affitti Cremona
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